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Window Sill Type 1: 200mm x 75mm

Notes :
Precast Window Sill - low cost housing 140mm block.

Positioning of Sill:

To centre window frame on wall, position sill with a 20mm overhang on block brick* 

Window Sill Features:  

  • Internal sill with 10mm overhang.   Smooth finish
  • 15mm up-stand to prevent water ingress. Fettled edges.
  • 8mm drip. Suitable for 140mm block brick.
  • Non-ferrous re-enforcement. No plastering required over sill.
  • No rust or spalling.
  • Smooth finish
  • Fettled edges
  • Suitable for 140mm block brick
  • No plastering required over sill

Length Weight Per pallet
600mm 16.8kg 24
800mm 22.5kg
900mm 25.3kg 24
1000mm 28.1kg 24
1200mm 33.7kg 24

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