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DIY Readymix - Concrete Mix 25kg & Plaster/Morter Mix 25kg

  • DIY Readymix Concrete & Plaster Mix from Algoa Cement

Algoa Cement Just add Water D.I.Y Ready Mix

  • Our Plaster and Mortar Mix are the same
  • Our Ratio's are correct (weighed off)
  • We have a registered barcode (legal requirements) barcode makes it
    easy to scan at point of sale
  • This is a D.I.Y product we can sell to plumbers, nurseries and all merchants.
  • You can order your lintels and DIY ready mix at the same time.
  • The product should be kept indoors if possible.
  • We use higher quality clean sand in our plaster mix (lime mix content)
  • 40 bags per pallet plaster, mortar and
    concrete mix
  • 40 bags per pallet sand and stone
  • We are looking at a target of 1000 bags per week
  • We only sell per pallet not individual bags
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