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Construction Suggestions & Advice

Care should be taken when handling or transporting lintels,especially the longer lengths. They are easily damaged by untrained or negligent forklift drivers. Longer lengths should always be supported in at least 3 places and preferably transported and stored on their side until used.

Being relatively light, lintels should not be used to attempt to carry brickwork on their own, but by laying successive courses of bricks and mortar, a beam is formed above an opening which is much stronger than the brickwork or lintel alone. Engineers recommend that steel reinforcing (brickforce) should be used between each course, especially, in the case of long spans.

Lintels must always be laid with the hollow side uppermost, and never upside down. Lintels are laid singly or side by side depending on the thickness of the walls.
The biggest mistakes made by builders when building in lintels are not using a sufficient number of support props and not leaving the support props in place for enough days. Please follow the guidelines below.
  1.5 1.5 - 2.5 2.5
*Bearing on each side, minimum 150mm 250mm 350mm
Brick courses above lintel, minumum 4 4 5
Support/props every x metres 1m 1.5m 1.5m
*Days support required 7 7 7

*(Ref: NHBRC Part 3, Sec 3 Feb 1999 Rev No.1)

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